Path of Needles – Book Soundtrack

My close friend, ex-roommate, and fellow dragon slayer, Hannah Kollef, has just self-published her second novel, “Path of Needles”!!!  A couple of months ago, she proposed that I write a song for the book as a sort of soundtrack, and I of course said I would.  The whole project is a neat experiment in artist collaboration, as she also had other artist involved creating images and drawings for the book.  The song I wrote, also entitled “Path of Needles”, can be streamed on Hannah’s site, and purchased on Amazon.  If you like a good read and some groovin’ tunes, you should check out the site!  -julie

DC Update

Awesome trip this weekend.  The studio was amazing, and hanging out with the DC crowd was off the hook (my hip lingo can be intimidating).  I almost felt like a famous person!

Studio upgrade:


All I need now is a job up there…at least until I hit the bigtime. Thanks to Kenny Sharpless for making it possible!