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J$ – Songwriter, producer, and engineer Julie Slonecki is a multi-instrumentalist currently based in Charleston, SC. She’s been writing, recording, and performing music professionally for the last 6 years, building a catalogue of songs, unique soundscapes and beats. Earning a music composition degree in 2011, Julie is capable of writing for all genres and includes influences from funk to classical in her own sounds. While often writing in the pop genre, Slonecki sets her sound apart with unusual arrangements, unexpected chords, and sehhhk lyrics. She writes, performs, and produces all her own material in her home studio, usually with a glass of whiskey in hand. She has released several full length albums and EPs, her most recent, “Between the Lines”, was released January 1, 2021. Slonecki has opened for national acts and played in a variety of bands as front woman, bassist, and drummer. She is currently on tour with her other band SEXBRUISE?, which you can check out here.

 A 3 song EP “Consequence of Convenience” was released Feb 18, 2020, an environmentally inspired album from which 75% of sales will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund. Slonecki also released another EP in March, 2020 alongside co-writer Scotty Groth, under the moniker “Girlpants”. 

Her music is available on all platforms.