As it comes down to the moment

When I all I know will be revoked

What I hear, it is not silence

But the lack of words we spoke.

- JS


Julie Slonecki is an independent singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Charleston, SC.

Slonecki combines genres to produce music that has both wisdom and immediacy.

Her three self-produced albums are an indie picnic of folk, rock, soul, and electronica with a poetry entirely her own.

Check back for new songs, videos, and details of an upcoming tour in the Summer of 2012.

Italy, Bitchez

Tomorrow I am leaving for Florence, Italy to visit my friend Eliza!  She is currently studying at an Italian Jewelry school and drinking lots and lots of vino.  My italian is pretty non-existent, but I took spanish, so I should be fine… (ask me some time about when I was last in Florence and ended up in the office of the CEO of some private bus company an hour outside of the city)

My main money making scheme for the trip is to bring my guitar and play on the streets of Florence.  Hopefully I will make enough tips to support my diet of gelato and wine, and maybe even get some super cool photos of me being a street musician/homeless person.  Maybe I’ll get signed to an italian record label, maybe aliens will invade, who knows.  The point is, I’m super excited.  And hopefully, when/if I return (assuming I haven’t been detained/imprisoned) I will be on track to release my new album within the next month!  I’m still trying to move to DC, so there’s that too.  It definitely will be an adventurous couple of weeks.  Ciao, mis amigos

View from Eliza’s apartment: